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Welcome to my Astrology Shop! The offerings here are split into four sections; MP3 and Video Courses, Astrology Software, Written Reports and Books. I hope that you will take time to peruse them all! Enjoy! – Michael Reed, Counselling Astrologer


MP3 and Video Courses


Introduction to the Vedic Astrological Lajjitaadi Avashtas Audio Course

Lajjitaadi Avashtas Vedic Astrology Audio Course: Learn the Most Important Planetary Combinations to Understand Your Life and the Lives of Others

$42.00 Instant Download

Includes all mp3 tracks listed below (Over 8 Hours of Recordings), .pdf’s of all charts discussed in the course and course handout.

There are specific planetary combinations called Lajiitaadi Avashtas that explain the state of our planets. They explain the real reasons why Saturn can be so difficult! Not because of his innate cruelty, but because he has so many enemies! Saturn on his own, is great for focus, determination, hard work, the strength of your immune system and detachment, but get him mixed up with the Moon, Mars or the Sun, and you get different grades and reasons for frustrations, sorrow, illness and delay. Based on where these combinations are placed in your birth chart, can show where the most difficulties in your life are and why.

Or maybe we think Jupiter and Mercury and Venus should all get along nicely, since they are all considered gentle or benefic planets. Yet, when we look at the time period when these planets get together, we get broken expectations or are misled by false knowledge. This is not what we would think with such nice planets interacting, yet, it is true because Venus and Mercury (the micromanager and decision maker) starve Jupiter of his ability to see the bigger picture. Grace and faith are traded for the minute details!

Or maybe we have Saturn influencing our Venus. Why would this make a person a better life partner and spouse? Surely Venus would suffer at the hands of Saturn. This is not the case, because Saturn and Venus are friends. Saturn supports Venus, and gives Venus a realistic approach and understanding to love. This can contribute to longer term happiness in our life in general. (If you haven’t already, you can listen to more about this combination by clicking here: Venus in Capricorn.)

The Lajjitaadi Avashtas are planet specific. If you have your birth chart (which I can give you if you don’t), you can learn how to simply see what planets are conjunct or aspecting each other, and then we can analyze the Avashtas. Will your planets (and therefore those areas of your life represented by the planets) be:

1) Ashamed by their Enemies or Rahu and Ketu
2) Starved
3) Delighted
4) Proud
5) Agitated by being too close to the Sun

Then, you know why your experiences and those around you are the way they are, and you can deal with them appropriately.

This rarely used aspect of Jyotish has proven to be extremely accurate in understanding a person’s chart and explaining those areas that weren’t evident otherwise.

$42.00 Instant Download

**Due to the digital nature of this course, it is a non-refundable. Please be sure you are familiar with and resonate with Ryan’s approach to Vedic Astrology before committing to investing in this course. Free videos and classes can be reviewed here:
Audio Excerpt #1 – Effects of Saturn and Mars on the Moon

Track Listings Include:

  1. Introduction to Lajjitaadi Avashtas.mp3
  2. Ashamed Proud Starved and Thirsty Avashtas.mp3
  3. Delighted and Agitated Avashtas.mp3
  4. Jupiter Proud and Agitation Avashtas.mp3
  5. Sun Proud and Agitated Avashtas.mp3
  6. Moon Proud and Agitated Avashtas.mp3
  7. Venus Proud and Agitated Avashtas.mp3
  8. Saturn Proud and Agitation Avashtas.mp3
  9. Mars Proud and Agitation Avashtas.mp3
  10. Mercury Proud and Agitation Avashtas.mp3
  11. Proud and Agitation Avashtas Questions.mp3
  12. Aspects Dignity Varga Questions.mp3
  13. Sun in Ashamed Lajjita Avashta.mp3
  14. Sun in Starvation and Thirst.mp3
  15. Sun in Delight.mp3
  16. Moon in Ashamed Avashta.mp3
  17. Moon in Starvation Avashta.mp3
  18. Moon in Delight.mp3
  19. Saturn Dasha Good or Bad.mp3
  20. Saturn in Ashamed Avashta.mp3
  21. Saturn in Starvation Avashta.mp3
  22. Saturn in Delighted Avashta.mp3
  23. Venus Ashamed Avashta.mp3
  24. Venus Starvation and Thirst.mp3
  25. Venus Delighted Avashta.mp3
  26. Mercury Ashamed Avashta.mp3
  27. Mercury Starved Avashta.mp3
  28. Mercury Delighted Avashta.mp3
  29. Avashtas Q & A Session.mp3
  30. Q & A Zodiacs Intuition Yugas.mp3
  31. Jupiter Ashamed Lajjita Avashta.mp3
  32. Jupiter Starvation Avashta.mp3
  33. Jupiter Delighted Avashta.mp3
  34. Mars Shamed Avashta.mp3
  35. Mars Starved and Thirsty Avashta.mp3
  36. Mars Delighted.mp3
  37. More Avashtas Q & A.mp3
  38. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 1.mp3
  39. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 2.mp3
  40. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 3.mp3
  41. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 4.mp3
  42. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 5.mp3
  43. Lajjitaadi Avashtas Final Q & A Part 6.mp3



Astrology Software

Kala ScreenshotKala Vedic Astrology Software is the premier Vedic Astrology Software for professional astrologers and amateurs alike. Exceptionally customisable and full of features not found in other Vedic Astrology programs including preset calculations which allow the astrologer to combine the Tropical and Vedic systems of astrology accurately. I have been using Kala for years and had used other software previously. And I personally feel it to be the best software available! Please click on the image to order or to take a tour of Kala’s many features. You will be redirected to – Michael Reed, Counselling Astrologer

Price $254.95 for Mailed CD, $244.95 for Download



Written Reports

These reports are computer generated by the manufacturers of Kala Vedic Astrology Software and are highly accurate. To order, please click on the image for the desired report and you will be redirected to to complete your order.

The Vedic Relationship Compatibility Report cuts to the chase and looks at the bottom line of you and your partner’s relationship.

  1. Does your relationship flow in such a way that there is room for both of you to feel loved and respected?
  2. Are you naturally attuned to each other or are you on a different wavelength?
  3. Will destiny obstruct your relationship making it impossible for you to be completely together, or will any present obstacles in the way of your full commitment to each other go away in time?
  4. Does your relationship attract endless troubles and difficulties, or will it settle down and allow you to build a productive life together?
  5. Are you both equally assertive so that you can have a true partnership without one person dominating the relationship?

And the bottom line – will your relationship flow in such a way that you both become better, happier people and more loving?

Price $14.95


The Relationship Timing Report uses Vedic Astrology principles to show the dates of all the relationship centered days for you to look forward to for a five year period. Days of love and affection, marriage and commitment, co-creation (mutual productivity, children, etc.) and “soul mate” days of deep bonding are all shown. The report also indicates which of these days will be the important life changing days and which will just be nice relationship centered days, but not life changing days. The report does not time days of quarrelling, breaking up, divorce and other such tragedies – life is hard enough without having a time table of horrible days to look towards, so we decided not to add those days into the report. If you have one of those days, just look for the next favorable love day to come along in your Relationship Timing report, during which you will be able to improve your relationship in some way.

This report is a 5 year long list of relationship events and their dates.

Price $14.95


The Financial Timing Report uses Vedic Astrology principles to show the dates of all the financially beneficial days for you to look forward to for a five year period. Days of extra income, financially fortunate days and the days of setting the foundation for financial success are all shown. The report indicates which of these days will be the important life changing days during which long term financial benefits will begin as well as minor financially beneficial days that just give a little extra here and there. The report does not time days of financial loss or disaster – life is hard enough without having a time table of horrible days to look towards, so we decided to not put those days into the report. If you have one of those days, just look for the next favorable financial day to come along in your Financial Timing report, during which you will be able to improve your finances in some way.

This report is a 5 year long list of financial events and their dates.

Price $14.95


The “Looking forward to It” calendar uses Vedic Astrology principles to show the dates of the most important events to happen to you during the year. As the name of the calendar reveals, these are all desirable dates during which fulfilling activities will happen – they are indeed the days you can look forward too. The “Looking forward to It” Calendar focuses on fourteen different types of events. Why fourteen? While there are so many events that can be predicted with Vedic Astrology, a calendar can simply not fit them all, so we had to choose the most important type of events, events that lead towards a fulfilling life. Vedic Astrology uses not just one chart to examine your life, but several, with each chart dealing with one area of life. The “Looking forward to It” calendar analyzes each of the most important areas of life for each of these charts, and that leaves us with 14 types of events, the events that are most important to fulfill in order for you to have a happy and fulfilling life. Events covered are love, marriage, financial fortune, health, the doing of great things, unexpected days of good fate, knowledge, days of benefiting from your unique strengths and talents, emotional fulfillment, days where you shine, important days of associating with others, financial wellbeing, productive times with your partner including children, days where you have the freedom to make the changes in your life that you desire.

This report is a 1 year long calendar that begins on the month and year of your choosing. The calendar format of this report makes it very easy to see and look forward to the favorable events that are astrologically planned for you during the year.

Price $24.95


Datefinder: One of the most advantageous uses of astrology is in finding auspicious moments to begin an event. (This is known as Muhurta in India and as Electional Astrology in the West.) Remember buying a computer, car, house or some other expensive item and having nothing but problems with it? When problems such as these occur, it is likely that they were started at astrologically unfavorable moments. Starting these and other important activities during astrologically favorable moments can smooth out the road to success with whatever you start in life, be it a relationship, marriage, a job or even feeding your child for the first time.

Price $14.95




Please click on the respective image to order. You will be redirected to

Vault of the Heavens
Classical Parashari Astrology Principles
by Ernst Wilhelm
Ebook PDF

Vault of the HeavensVault of the Heavens covers all the classical Parashari Astrology principles: Bhavas, Rasis, Vargas, Nakshatras, Dasas, Avasthas, Combustion, Relationships, Houses, Conjunctions, Raja Yogas, Yoga Karakas, Navamsa, Dispositors, Shad Bala, Vimshottari Dasa, Subha/Asubha/Misra Yogas, House Lords in Houses, Judging the Horoscope, Developmental Qualaties of the Planets, special chapters on Rahu, Ketu and Saturn, plus more. Vault of the Heavens has been considered the most informative astrological text that deals with a variety of subjects written with the depth that is typical of all of Ernst Wilhelm’s writings.

Price $14.95


Graha Sutras
A translation, with extensive commentary, of
Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra’s Sutras on the planets, with supplementation from other ancient texts.
by Ernst Wilhelm

Graha SutrasGraha Sutras is the first Volume of a series of Jyoitsh texts dealing with the predictive methods and principles found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. 384 pages of Grahas, Grahas and more Grahas make Graha Sutras the most thorough text available on the Grahas.

Contains Sanskrit Astrological Sutras with original and precise translations that will bring the planets to life in a profound manner. Original artwork portrays the images of the planets in accordance with the precise descriptions found in Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. There is even a chapter devoted to Graha Shanti – pacifying the planets.

Price $29.95


Core Yogas
Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas
by Ernst Wilhelm
Ebook PDF

Core YogasYoga means “yoke.” In Vedic Astrology, yogas are specific planetary configurations in the horoscope that yoke the individual to the fruits of his or her karmas. In Core Yogas, Yokes to the Fruits of Karmas, you will learn the important Yogas that have been signaled out by the ancient seers of Vedic Astrology. The important Yogas that give success, wealth, happiness and good qualities of character, as well as those indicating downfall, financial struggle, humiliation, suffering and a degraded character are given. Most importantly, proper guidelines are given that show you how to qualify a Yoga in order to correctly judge the impact that a yoga will have on the individual. Yogas are virtually a branch of Jyotish in themselves, which a careful study of this book will teach you.

  • All the yogas that have been given specific names by the ancient seers, over 215 important yogas.
  • Both dasa dependent and the non-dasa dependent yogas that indicate the inherent foundation and strength of the horoscope.
  • Special rules for determining the dasa/antardasa during which a yoga will give its effects.
  • Over 140 detailed example horoscopes. Including the fructification of the yoga during the appropriate Vimshottari Dasa/Antardasa.

Price $14.95


Classical Muhurta
Learn How to Select the Most Favorable Moment
by Ernst Wilhelm
Ebook PDF

Classical MuhurtaMuhurta (known as electional astrology in the West), the astrological science of choosing a favorable moment to begin an activity such as marriage, travel, buying a house, etc. is perhaps one of the most demanding tasks placed upon an astrologer. It is here that the astrologer assumes the most responsibility in the clients life. Through this Vedic Astrology book, Classical Muhurta, you will gain a thorough understanding of Muhurta principles and confidently learn how to select the most favorable moment available in which to perform any event. In fact, Classical Muhurta, is the only Muhurta text that tells you exactly what each and every Muhurta component does, so you will finally learn what the Nakshatra, Tithi, Karana, Yoga, Vara, Nadika, Hora and all the rest actually do.

  • Each Muhurta factor is covered thoroughly and has a chapter devoted to it.
  • The relative importance of the many different Muhurta factors is explained in detail.
  • Specific Muhurta guidelines for over 140 different events- for any event you could ever hope to perform.
  • Pages of example Muhurtas help you to see the real-life effects of the different Muhurta factors.

Price $14.95


New! Jaimini Sutras Raw, Volume 1
A literal translation of the First Chapter of Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras
by Ernst Wilhelm

For the first time in print a truly literal translation of the Jaimini’s mysterious Upadesa Sutras. This word-by-word, Sutra-by-Sutra translation by astrologer Ernst Wilhelm is a must read for those wishing to unravel the mysteries of Jaimini Astrology.

Sutra-by-Sutra, word-by-word rendition of Jaimini’s Upadesa Sutras. Many secrets of Jaimini revealed correctly for the first time in print.

A complete chapter devoted to the instruction of how to interpret Jaimini’s coded Sutras.

Price $19.95


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