This course is already in session as of 25th August, but you can still register and catch up with the recordings of the first several classes if desired at a pro-rated fee!
When as a student you can understand the planets as living conscious entities with a personality and a certain method of expression, astrology really beings to make a lot more sense! The planets on one level represent archetypal aspects of your own individual psyche that interact with each other on subtle levels, just as you may interact with your own destiny! As you go about exploring the play of your own consciousness you have desires some of which get fulfilled and others which end up going unsatisfied, do you not? As you explore your day to day existence, you may feel proud, ashamed, delighted, hungry, thirsty or even agitated. The planets experience these very same energies and it is their interaction in part which causes an individual to feel this way. When you are hungry or thirsty, you know that you need to be satiated. Then it is a matter of finding what you need. On a similar level, it is important to understand what the planets need to be satisfied in order to live a life of greater fulfilment!

Parashara in his chapter on the Avasthas gives us the Lajjitaadi Avasthas which are an excellent tool for understanding where the native has fulfilment in their life and where they tend to feel unfulfilled. A planet will seek to find fulfilment primarily through the houses that it rules and the house that it occupies in the horoscope. When it is unfulfilled, you need to know which factors of life are needed in order to bring satisfaction. When it is fulfilled, you simply need to know how to make the most of it! The Lajjitaadi Avasthas are what shows this and the potential for their application is vast! They are a very important factor in Vedic Astrology that often goes ignored which can be used both predictively and therapeutically! On this course you will come to understand the Lajjitaadi Avasthas of each planet on a very deep level through numerous examples and application of techniques related to these avasthas. Through doing so you will learn not only how to empower the planets in your own horoscope but also the horoscopes of others! This is a tool that all astrologers need to have at their disposal in order to do excellent astrology and deeply help their clients!

This Live Webinar Course is 44 weeks in length. Fee for the course is $899 and may be paid in full at the time of registration or by trimester at a fee of $329 per trimester. Second Trimester Fees due by 13th November, 2019 and 15th April, 2020.

Each class is recorded to video and made available for download and reference. So if you have to miss classes, there is no problem with catching up with the material. Along with the videos of each class, powerpoint documents with class notes will be made available.

Class will be taught via Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here.This course will be taught over consecutive Sundays starting 25th August, 2019 and will continue through 9th August, 2020. We will be taking a break for the holiday season with our final class before the holidays being 17th November, 2019 and we will resume classes on 5th January, 2020. Class time will be from 8:30-10 pm London Time. To find out the time in your particular country, please visit . This time has been chosen with International consideration. A basic understanding of the fundamentals of Vedic Astrology including planets, signs and houses is recommended.

Some of the topics to be covered on this course are as follows:

  • The Lajjitaadi Avasthas: Lajjita, Garvita, Kshudhita, Trishita and Kshobhita
  • How the Lajjitaadi Avasthas are formed and how to find them
  • Several Methods for judging the impact of the Lajjitaadi Avasthas
  • How all the potential Lajjitaadi Avasthas for Each Planet Behave
  • How to apply these concepts therapeutically in order to help the horoscope
  • Methods with which to apply these concepts predictively
  • Numerous Example Charts to thoroughly integrate technique application
    Plus More!

To register for this course, please click on the appropriate button for the option you desire. Should you have any questions prior to registering, please also do not hesitate to make contact.
I hope you will join us!

If you would like, prior to registering please feel free to watch a video of a Taster Class on these Avasthas:



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