My mission is to share the teachings of Vedic Astrology to as many people as possible. To achieve that, I want to make my courses as accessible as possible to a broader base of students from diverse economic backgrounds. That is why I offer registration for my curses on a Sliding Scale rate of Fees.

 See the payment window for specific payment options and watch this brief video for further details. You may register either by module or payment in full for the remainder of the course. If you register for the second or third module, or the remainder of the course, an additional small donation of your discretion grants you access to the earlier class videos.

I am also offering a grant program for my courses. Here is how the grant program works. If you are a patron, practitioner, or simply interested in advancing knowledge, your gift in any amount will go into a fund. When the fees in that fund reach the level of the lowest Sliding Scale Option listed below, a deserving student who may not otherwise be able to pay will be granted a course space. In that regard, there is a donate button immediately below. Thanks for reading! Your contributions go a long way toward sharing these teachings!

Should you prefer to make your Donation Payment by PayPal, please click on the Ganesha image below which will take you to my PayPal.Me page. 

For the Grant Program