Stillness and Vision! – A Group Session on Saturn’s Station, Venus and Mercury

On 18th September, Saturn will station direct in Purva Ashadha Nakshatra. Whilst this is transpiring, it will be forming a strong aspect with Mercury and Venus in Hasta Nakshatra! A goal that you are striving to manifest and from which you hope to obtain a sense of relief is coming up against resistance. This is happening so that you can widen your scope of vision, be honest with yourself and refine your plan accordingly. Doing so will most likely require cooperation from another!

On 16th September at 7 pm London Time, I will be hosting the fourth of my Group Sessions! Registration is $49 and for all of those who register, I will be looking at Saturn’s station whilst aspecting Venus and Mercury, plus the subsequent transit of Saturn through Purva Ashadha which culminates 31st October! Spaces are limited for this Group Session! So, you may wish to register soon! The session will start with a discussion of this alignment and I will then be proceeding to look at the horoscopes of attendees (anonymous if desired).This group session will be recorded to video for all attendees so you have something to refer back to. The session will be held Zoom Web Conferencing software which is available for free download by Clicking Here. Upon registering for this course, I will need for you to forward me the following information for the compilation of your horoscope through my Contact Page:

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