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Michael Reed was extremely patient and took all the time in the world when i had a reading with him some time ago. At the time i was considering career and money matters. Michael stuck with me until we got some real down to earth answers to my questions, and surprise surprise, just now his recommendations have come to fruition, even without me consciously acting upon his advice. Since the reading I have published a book, I didn't know it had it in me at all. Thank You, Michael.

Madhuri Geluk

Artist and Astrologer, 1008 vedic astrology

‘Just wanted to reach out to say thank you for your time and the reading. It helped me to understand myself better. I am trying to address my feelings much more positively. I was mad at my brother over the weekend and for the first time I could handle my anger better by informing him clearly what bothered me and what has hurt me. There was no emotional drama just simple discussion and at the end I felt very peaceful. I have started meditating too which is helping. I am looking forward to the copy of the video file and the mantras you think would help me address my emotions better.’


I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation with Michael. I found it very insightful. Michael was very attentive and gave me predictions with dates, along with explanations of planetary alignments, dasas, Jaimini concepts and much more detail. The consultation was conducted in a professional, but friendly manner, and Michael also answered anything I was unsure about via email post consultation. He was very prompt and gave me a clear understanding of my chart in relation to my questions. I am looking forward to seeing if predictions play out in due course. I have much more in depth knowledge of why my life has had so many upheavals. I feel this was not only an astrology consultation, but guidance I needed from the universe, which came in the form of Michael. Thank you Michael, best of wishes for the future!

Surita Kailla


Michael’s karmic analysis from the Intensive Consultation is a powerful reading that gave me illuminating insights into the patterns and tendencies that have shaped my life experience. I now have more clarity about where to focus my energies in resolving these root issues. Perhaps the greatest gift of this reading was the sense of validation I gained about my life path. Michael is an exceptional astrologer and master of his craft.



‘When you consult an astrologer about your life path at the age of 64 as I did, you have a long path behind you and can verify whether the insights and recommendations of the astrologer make sense. Michael Reed was spot on. I actually had already done some things that he recommended with very good results. He has given me the confidence to change my life at this age and now I am happily planning for the future. He is an example of how astrology can really help people.’

Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy

‘Thank you for yesterday. You seemed almost like an oracle. Thank you for giving me some new keys to fit into my old issues.’

K.J., India

I’ve reached out to Michael twice for consultancy. I really appreciate the detailed reading he performed as well as the subtleties and nuances he is capable of providing. His knowledge about Nakshatras and taking them into consideration in his readings have really heightened the richness of the consultancy to another level. If you are looking for a good astrologer, I would definitely recommend Michael!



‘Michael Reed is very knowledgeable and a master at astrology. His reading was thoroughly researched and deeply informative. I would highly recommend him to friends and family. Michael had a gentle manner of giving me the difficult truth that I needed to hear. I appreciated his “no fluff” approach and telling it like it is! The information he provided was very much appreciated and invaluable. I am grateful to have found a brilliantly skilled astrologer.’

Mrs P.K. Panglea, United Kingdom

Michael answered my specific question brilliantly. much so that I will be booking a full natal reading. What was particularly welcomed was the accuracy of the dasa system he uses. Loved his sense of humuor had me in hysterics. Bravo Michael!

Johnni W

Retired , Australia

Thank you so much for your patience and kindness….for taking the time to answer all of my questions. Your reading was amazing and I can not wait to see how things unfold. I WILL be purchasing more readings very soon!!!

Nici L. French-Alardin

An Enlightened reading, an experience of one like I have never had before and I have had probably over ten readings in my life time. He didn't waste a minute as he did the work ahead of time which allowed a session jam packed with knowledge and an insight into my existence - as if he knew me. He was very attentive to detail. I didn't leave the session with questions but a Karmic knowledge I was seeking and so wanted to understand better as I am 61 years old. We all have our individual journeys. Its good for me to understand what my karmic lessons were intended for me in this lifetime. I am grateful and appreciative of his work, the effort he took with me and the time he gave to understand the aspects of my planets the transits, etc. and all the other things he spoke of which specifically pertained to me. I would recommend a reading with Michael to anyone especially a person who is looking for a deeper meaning and understanding of their own life.

L Bencriscutto, Arizona, United States

‘‘Thank you, you are such a gifted astrologer and i will definitely work with you again!’

S.T., Canada

‘I forgot to mention when we spoke how accurate your reading for me was in December. Back then you mentioned that something would occur on January 1 specific to my consulting business. At the time I heard this, its not that I doubted you, but I thought it would be unlikely I would hear something on January 1st, mainly because it is a holiday. But sure enough, I did find myself speaking with a new client on that exact day, when he officially offered me a short term project! Just thought you’d like to know…have a great day!’

Lori S., San Francisco Bay Area, USA

‘Thank you so much for the consultation. I truly appreciate your counseling and insight and in helping me to recognize through Vedic Astrology what is going on in my life. My session with you was quite therapeutic and I felt safe in sharing some very deeply painful childhood experiences. Your counseling and healing sessions gave me the strength to finally face these difficulties, and to seek help to eradicate the hurt and pain and searching all these years.’

C.L., San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Michael's analysis of my chart was spot on and gave me a good understanding of my life purpose. Also, I could understand the root cause for some of the patterns that are playing out. Absolutely amazing!



I got a reading with Michael, and I have to say this by far was the most effective reading worth every penny, I am feeling so satisfied with everything he informed me about. I will refer with him again , anybody who is hesitant about a reading with just any astrologer get a reading with Michael because you will not regret it, Thank you ! Michael keep up the good work,

manpreet kaur

‘Hi Michael! Just thought I share with you that my car keys were found in the trunk of my sister’s car on the 16th of February. The reading says I’ll find it by the 20th.’

S.M., Los Angeles, California, USA

Michael's insights about my chart were very in tune and coherent with the process I went through in a session of past life regression . He really cares about the details and to goes deeply into the analysis of the chart. And I learned a lot as a Jyotish student.Thanks Michael!

claudia pena

‘Most astrology courses offer material that can be found in textbooks. The added value is that the teacher connects the dots. Michael Reed’s courses are different. He offers material that is not available anywhere – because it is the result of years of personal experience. He then makes his students attempt to connect the dots on their own, ensuring that they understand the reasoning behind the connections. And when you think you have understood, then he comes out with another angle to it, because, as he modestly says, teachers are not always automatically right: there is no absolute right and wrong. He wants his students to try many techniques and make up their own mind as to what is best. These are courses for the serious student who is really willing to invest time and effort in learning astrology – and reap the rewards in terms of astrological wisdom.’

Jennifer Hartwig, Milano, Italy, Courses

Michael Our session has been mind blowing and I am spending so much time with you on YouTube!!! I am on the verge of leaving my work to make that BIG change. I don’t know why your last videos about Venus in Dhanishtha and the 31st eclipse are so perfectly accurate as to what is happening in my life and in my mind. UNBELIEVABLE 😂. I am just so confused about everything but one thing I know is that spirituality and astrology are my best friends and I want to spend the rest of my life with them 😊 So thank you for bringing astrology to such a high level. You make me want to challenge myself like never before.

Paul Emmanuel Renault

Key account Manager

Michael's Karmic Analysis consultation is not the ordinary one that you get from any other Vedic Astrologer. He definitely pinpointed out the Karmic issues behind the current situation in my life. I am glad that I had the consultation with Michael and meantime I am curious about the technique of his astrological work, which is intricate and of vast knowledge. I would definitely go back to the recording and review it again and again. Thank you!

K.H.Chen, Taipei, Taiwan


I too have recently experienced a consultation with Michael,we extensively explored the karmic implications of the chart and how they have impacted on the destiny of this current life.Michael dealt with the consultation with the professionalism and knowledge of an astrologer who knows his subject deeply and profoundly,I found him to be factual and with empathy of my situation,we decided to have a second consultation where we will explore the way forward for my best interest in the foreseeable future.I highly recommend a consultation,be prepared to hear the truth in caring company.

Anne Lindsay-Fenn

I Highly recommend getting a reading from Michael Reed… His knowledge is deep, profound , and thorough. He put a lot of time researching my chart before the reading. It is recorded via webcam and you get it downloaded immediately to your computer

Heidi Vandenberg Annapolis , Maryland

‘Talking to you yesterday was in itself like a healing process 🙂 I really appreciate the time you gave me .. I will stay in touch with you.. if ever I feel the need for guidance. I was very satisfied with your analysis. I will pass on your astrological service details to my friends as well, in case they feel the need to have some direction in their life 🙂 Also I wanted to tell you that, I spoke to my Mom day before yesterday regarding my horoscope reading done by you.. and even she felt that I sounded very calm and composed after talking to you.. I was very restless before and was blaming myself for not being able to settle.. its miraculous that I had a horoscope reading. May be it was God’s way of telling me that I need to be at peace and accept myself and right things will happen at the right time. So, I really thank you for being that divine voice and conveying the message! Thank you once again!’

M.M., Cork, Ireland

Honest, professional, compassionate and insightful session, as is Michael himself. I highly recommend his services!


Spiritual Technology Professional

I had a consultation from Michael Reed, and he cleared all my doubts and confusions. In my opinion, he is the best. In the future myself and my family will only be consulting with him.



I am so thankful to his everyday lunarscopes ( every day updates). He is a very unique astrologer. He is very thorough, detailed, a mind blowing analyst. On the top he is very compassionate human being, and so good at bringing intricate connections between planets and human beings, with such a simplicity and ordinary (but divine) approach for common people..i am able to realise the essence of my purpose by just reading his daily updates. He is very precious to me…

Dr. Mohan

Dear Michael ! Last year you gave me a relationship reading and said that I will meet somebody in the beginning of July of next year. It came true. I've met him on July 5th)) Thank you so much for your work and knowledge that you share with people! You are amazing!!!


Relationship consultation

‘I just received and watched the reading today. Thank you so much! You hit everything spot on for me and have given me fresh inspiration and confirmation on my goals. I really enjoyed listening to it and you answered all my questions in a very grounded, holistic way that I really resonate with. I really like the pre-recorded video method that you do because it lets you lay everything out from start to finished without getting off track. But I would love have a conversation with you at some point also, if time permits.’

T.J.B, California, United States

I have been receiving Vedic Astrology readings since 1991. Michael is superior in his breadth of knowledge, intuitive skills, clarity of communication, precision with details, impeccability of follow thru & devotion to his work. To have him on my `team is an honor & a gift`. Thank you, Michael, for being & sharing your brilliant soul. Lin

Lin Lungta