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Please Read. My Sliding Scale Rates will continue, but I am needing to alter the way I approach them as I am needing to stagger my calendar to keep from getting exhausted. So, I am having to adopt a system based upon the date chosen by the client. For the earlier dates, I need to charge my full rate. If you wish to take advantage of the lower rates, dates may only be available a couple of weeks in the future. Please know that I do this to continue to offer the highest level of service to my clients, regardless of the rates they may pay!

There is an initial 90 Minute Reading consisting of a Karmic Analysis. This is an analysis of the Lunar Nodes, Rahu and Ketu in two important charts. This helps us to know the main things you are here to work on in life and how to best focus your energy. This is an important factor to check into as it is generally at the root of anything else you may be looking for information on. In addition to the Karmic Analysis, we develop a plan with which to approach the main body of karmic work that you are here to do. In addition, remedial recommendations will be given to help you with the work. Regular 90 minute readings can be scheduled at your convenience up to three readings. When we have another reading, we will check in on your progress and further analysis can take place. We have karma to work through in many areas of our life, so we can also focus on problems that are existent in your life (finances, relationships, etc) and look at the work that needs to be done in those areas. This package can also be used for those who know they will need more than one reading or as a private tutorial for students.

All consultations are available on a Sliding Scale Rate of Fees to make them more accessible to those of varying economic backgrounds. The idea in offering three separate prices, $485, $539 and $600, is that one of these will hopefully fit within your price range. Please note that a lot goes into my consultations. If you are able to pay the full price, you are in fact enabling me to further the continuance of this and other beneficial programs to my clients and students! For further information on how the Sliding Scale system works, please watch this video.

If you would like to read and understand more about my approach, please click here! Should you have any questions or wish to discuss your particular needs prior to scheduling, please feel free to Contact Me. With all options, upon scheduling please be sure to send the following information:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)
  • Time of Birth (if known)
  • Location of Birth

I invite you to read Testimonials on my Testimonials Page Please feel free to review my Privacy Statement and Refund Policy and Terms of Agreement.  

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